How to recover missing or lost Windows Partition?

Published: 07th February 2007
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How to recover missing or lost Windows Partition?

Following your daily routine you switch "ON" your computer and logged and started your email organizer with a cup of coffee in your hand. Blast! what happened your shortcuts on the desktop is giving error message as "File Not Found". You click to My Computer to check the files are at their place or not? And get to know that all your logical drives are missing that means you lost all your files present on different partitions and all of a sudden your sugary coffee turned out into a vinegary one. You just start recollecting what you did previous night and restarted your system keeping your finger crossed but every thing in vain.

My Suggestion, please stop restarting your computer again & again. As your Windows is not able to find your logical Drive, so we have to make other arrangement for recovering the data from the lost partition

What is the use of Partitioning? Partitioning allows us to create several file systems on a single hard disk.

There are two types of partitions:
> Primary
A primary partition contains one file system. Technically, a hard drive contains only one active Partition.

> Extended
An extended partition is secondary to the primary partition(s). A hard disk may contain only one. It is sub-divided into logical drives, each of which is assigned additional drive letters.

So let's start recovering our lost partition. I would be using Stellar Phoenix Fat & NTFS to recover this lost partition. You can try any other data recovery software; however my experience with this software is very good.

Download this software from here:

You can follow these simple steps to recover data from a Drive containing lost or missing partition,

• Click the 'Select Physical Disk' button on the Icon Toolbar.
A dialog box appears listing the physical disk(s) vailable.

• Select the physical disk that contains the corrupt or missing logical drive.

• Another dialog box pops up, select 'Search for Logical Drives' option.

• Select option 'Standard Search' to locate the lost/missing partitions.

• Phoenix would scan the hard disk for all the lost partitions and would present the list of found partitions.

• Select the corrupt or missing logical drive from the list.

- Stellar Phoenix analyses the drive data structures and file system attributes and displays the directory tree.

• Select the option 'Recover All' or select the file(s) and folder(s) which you feel are important and select the option 'Recover Selected'.

Remember this: Never save the data to the partition or drive from where you are recovering data, as it may result in overwriting of data, and would result in permanent data loss!

Congrats! You recovered your partition. In my next article I would be discussing about recovering data from a formatted hard drive i.e. Hard drive formatted from Fat16 to Fat16 file system.

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